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HIV/AIDS is arguably the most horrifying disease mankind has been exposed to. Even its origin is dark and a testament of the suffering the people in Africa are undergoing.

While the virus’ exact inception is unknown, it is believed that the hunting down and consumption of chimpanzee meat is what caused it. Those who have eaten the meat acquired the virus that the animal was harboring and slowly mutated inside the humans to become what it is now.

As it stands there are no current cure for it, although there are treatments that an infected person can undergo to strengthen their immune system.

Given that this is the case the primary goal of those involved in wiping this virus out is to spread awareness about it. As notorious as this disease is, there are a surprising number of people out there who are still ignorant to its existence.

AIDS2002 focuses on this regard: the dissemination of information about HIV/AIDS, provide people with basic to complex understanding of what this disease is, and give support to individuals who are already infected.

We are hoping that through our pieces that will be published here we will encourage HIV/AIDS ridden patients who are yet to reveal themselves to seek help on the nearest medical facilities in their area.

The stigma surrounding this disease is one of the main reasons that it’s so difficult to completely eradicate it. Infected individuals are too afraid and ashamed to out themselves fearing that people will look at them differently.

Another goal of ours is to educate the general public how they should act around an HIV/AIDS person. Please, withhold your judgment as these patients are victims themselves. They need our support, and to do this we must ensure that we do not look down on them. We must encourage them to seek help.

Most of the time people are unaware that they’re already infected. Always, always practice safe sex. We understand that you’re out to have some fun, but believe us that that will be your last sexual adventure when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office with him telling you you’re HIV positive.

If you know someone suffering from this disease or you’re suffering yourself, please do not hesitate to send us a private message. We will gladly take the time out of our day to respond to your questions or to just listen. We may not know what it’s like to be infected but believe us that we can empathize.

This site will provide you with the latest information, breakthrough, news, and just about anything related to HIV/AIDS, as well as support people suffering from it or families whose family member is a victim of this disease.

Again, reach out to us. We will listen, we will respond, we will help. To get more information, contact us and we will respond as much as we can.